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June 2024
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Cast Your Vote for Proposal A

Make your voice heard.

In August, at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, every Toastmasters club will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International.

Proposal A

The Advisory Committee of Past Presidents (ACPP) is defined in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article VII: Committees, Section 4: Advisory Committee of Past Presidents. It is a standing committee of the Board, and the Board may prescribe policies for the governance and operations of this committee. The ACPP is further defined in Policy 11.4: Board of Directors Committees.

The quorum requirement for standing committees is defined in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article XI: Quorum, Section 3: Committees, as “a majority of the members of any standing or other Board committee shall constitute a quorum … ”

Historically, the ACPP meets in person each August and periodically by conference call. The Committee discusses business and votes on matters that are presented to the Board for review and consideration. If the ACPP holds a meeting but does not reach quorum, then business may not be conducted by the Committee and recommendations may not be adopted or presented to the Board. Members of the ACPP requested that the Board review the quorum requirements and consider alternatives that would allow the Committee to conduct business.

The Board proposes amending the Bylaws of Toastmasters International to enable the Board of Directors to provide an alternative process for the ACPP to conduct business when a quorum is not present. If the proposal passes, Policy 11.4: Board of Directors Committees would be automatically amended.

The Board of Directors of Toastmasters International, at its March 2018 meeting, unanimously voted to present this amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting. 

Toastmasters HQ Moves to Colorado

Melting snow slid off the young trees as a crowd gathered around the entrance of Toastmasters International’s new headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, on March 19. To employees moving from California, Toastmasters’ home since its founding in 1924, and to members of the Board of Directors visiting from warmer climates, the spring storm was a welcome novelty. What was left of the snow glistened in the sun that shines in this area, on average, 300 days of the year.  

It was from the warmth of this “Mile High City,” at an elevation of 5,280 feet, that Toastmasters International President Balraj Arunasalam welcomed a new chapter for the organization. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” he said. “This building is a testament to the ¬≠longevity of the movement and the continued need for communication and leadership skills our organization provides to individuals around the world.” 

Mike Fitzgerald, president and chief executive officer of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, welcomed Toastmasters as “one of the most exciting companies” ever to come to the area. “Toastmasters International is an intimidating group to welcome here and to be speaking in front of,” Fitzgerald joked, “… but there is no more vital thing in this age of the world than to be able to be a good storyteller and to communicate.”  

9127 S. Jamaica St. #400, Englewood, Colorado, USA 80112  Phone +1 720-439-5050  FAX: +1 303-799-7753


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