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April 2024
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Region 14 Launch Hits the Mark

The Pathways learning experience continues to make great strides. The new education program had its first region-wide launch in late July—in Region 14. Members were so eager to experience the program that about 500 signed up within the first 24 hours.

The launch encompassed five districts in Southeast Asia: 75, 80, 87, 97 and 102. (District 51 in Malaysia was part of the Pathways pilot earlier this year.) District 75 in the Philippines tried something that other districts might want to emulate: A handful of its clubs re-scheduled their regular meeting dates to meet instead on the day Pathways became available to them, using the occasion to begin their Pathways journey together.

During the various meetings that day, members took the first steps. They logged into the Toastmasters website, went to the Pathways learning experience webpage and took the online Pathways Assessment, which helps members choose a path that is right for them. A few clubs invited their Pathways Guides and Ambassadors to the meetings to guide them through the process.

The Taipan Toastmasters meeting, in Cebu City, was led by club member Johnny Uy, DTM, Toastmasters’ 2006–2007 International President. He says the group “walked through the Pathways registration process together so everyone could see how it is done—to make it easier for them to do it at home. People were curious, and they were happy we did it.”

Dorothy Du, DTM, Pathways Chief Ambassador for District 75, says that in the weeks before the launch, she posted several messages on the district’s Facebook page to “pique the members’ interest.” “On the day of the launch, I was so excited to see that a lot of the members took the assessment,” says Du, who is working in Pathways’ Visionary Communication path.

Du expresses gratitude to her team of district Ambassadors—member volunteers who meet with fellow members to update them on the program and the various ways it benefits them. “This being a country with so many islands, some Ambassadors even traveled by land, sea and air to meet with clubs. They served without expecting anything in return.”

Last month, Pathways launched in ­Region 2 in the western United States. Discover more about the Pathways learning experience.


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