Traveling Toastmaster October 2017

Dharmajan Patteri, DTM, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visits Saint Basil’s Cathedral, A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia.Gale McCreary, CC, CL, and  Michael Trionfetti from California, pose while on safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.Jacqueline Collier  Jespersen, ACS, ALB, from Geneva, Switzerland, enjoys  the stunning architecture in  Isfahan, Iran.Jessica Parks, CC, from Athens, Georgia, poses in front of a parrot mural in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.Kathleen Peters, CC, CL, from Owensboro, Kentucky, visits Machu Picchu in Peru.Mark Brown, ATM, CL, from Lizella, Georgia, visits Checkpoint Charlie, near the Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany.Patrick Kimmitt, ACB,  from Fort Collins, Colorado, takes in the sunrise at 12,454 feet on Mount Chapin, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.Ricardo Cullens, ACG, CL, from Griffin, Georgia, visits a Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.