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June 2024
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Explore the Pathways Learning Experience Webpage

Do you want to learn more about Pathways? The Pathways learning experience webpage is a great place to start. It has a wealth of information about the new Toastmasters education program, as well as resources such as videos, project excerpts and answers to a wide range of questions.

The learning experience launched in February with a three-district program pilot. The members of District 57 in Northern California were the first ones to participate. District 27 in the Washington, D.C., area followed in March, and District 51 in Malaysia was scheduled to start in April.

The aim of the pilot is to ensure a seamless experience—for example, that members don’t have any problems ordering their educational materials, that all materials (either online or in print) are delivered properly, and that the Pathways assessment helps members determine the best path to embark on. Hear what District 57 members are saying about Pathways.

The learning experience will roll out to Toastmasters regions in phases throughout the year, starting with Region 14 in the May–July time frame.

The updated webpage outlines how the new program works and what it looks like. It features a series of short, informative videos that share the story of Pathways: what it is, why it was created, how it was developed, how members were involved in the process and why Pathways is valuable to you.

The webpage also highlights the innovative features of Base Camp (the Pathways learning management system), including interactive activities and the chance to earn digital badges. In addition, you can sample the new Ice Breaker—the first project every member does in Pathways.

Elsewhere on the site is a ­section about educational awards in Pathways and one about volunteer members and the crucial roles they have played in the development and launch of the learning experience. An FAQ section offers answers to a long list of questions, including ones ­related to Base Camp, the educational structure of paths and projects, the costs associated with Pathways, and how the Distinguished Club Program will work in the program.

Beef up your knowledge about ­Pathways, and learn why this enhanced education program is so exciting, by visiting the Pathways webpage.


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