presentation skills

Woman in gold dress speaking onstage with audience members on screen in background

Presentation Skills

Become an Unforgettable Speaker

Lisa Nichols

Man in blue shirt holding paper and gesturing while rehearing speech

Presentation Skills

Techniques To Remember Your Speech

Caren S. Neile, Ph.D.

Presentation Skills

Cultivating Authenticity as a Speaker

Elizabeth Danziger

Man in blue shirt presenting onstage with blue background

Presentation Skills

Frozen in Front of 5,000 Toastmasters!

Don Colliver

Red velvet cake with layers of white icing

Presentation Skills

The Ins and Outs of Dynamic Speaking

Jillian Mitchell

Audience watches panel of speakers and moderator onstage

Presentation Skills

How To Be a Powerful Panelist

Kristin Arnold

Woman moderating a panel of three people with audience watching

Presentation Skills

A Panel Moderator’s Guide to Success

Joel Schwartzberg

Woman recording speech with phone and ring light

Presentation Skills

Online Skills Are Here to Stay

Ruth Nasrullah

Man in suit and tie giving presentation with PowerPoint slide in background

Presentation Skills

5 Basic Tips for Effective Slide Presentations

David Henson

Drawing of two hands holding glasses for a toast

Presentation Skills

Tips for Toasting


Man presenting speech on left while woman acts onstage with script on right

Presentation Skills

Are You Presenting or Performing?

Joel Schwartzberg

Woman in black suit speaking onstage

Presentation Skills

Be Prepared, Be Professional, Be Punctual

Susanne Abplanalp and Sonja Bonin