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September 2023 Leader Letter

Club News


Restart the Convention Adventure! — The 2023 International Convention opened a paradise of possibilities still waiting to be explored—through On Demand. If you purchased an in-person ticket or All-Access Pass, you can revisit and replay through October 25, 2023, by logging in. Everyone can enjoy unlimited access to inspiring sessions and thrilling highlights by purchasing On Demand for only $75 USD.

It's Time to Submit Your Club's Success Plan — Upload to Club Central by going to the “Club Success Plan” tile and clicking on “Upload Plan.” If you need to edit the plan later, you can replace the existing version by uploading a new version of the document. You can also download a fillable PDF of the plan in the “Club Success Plan” section of the site! If you have any questions, email

Verify Contact Information — The beginning of a new renewal period is an excellent time for you and club members to verify contact emails and addresses are up to date. Members can update their email address and login details by clicking “Edit” on their Profile page on If the primary email address has changed, please be sure that they click “Sync my logins,” which will update their username to their new email address.

Add Members, Win an Award — When your club adds five new, reinstated, or dual members with a join date of August or September during the Smedley Award program contest period, you'll earn a special ribbon to display on your club banner and a 10% discount on your next club order from the Toastmasters Online Store!

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Renewal Dues Time — Club officers are responsible for making sure member renewal payments are collected and submitted in April and October. Clubs will remain in good standing and receive credit for the Distinguished Club Program by logging in to Club Central and processing member dues for a minimum of eight members—at least three of whom were members of the club during the previous renewal period—on or before October 1.

With Self-Pay, individual members can now submit their own membership dues payments through My Home if your club has enabled the feature. To enable Self-Pay for your club, select the toggle button in the “Self-Pay Setting” section at the bottom of the Club Contact and Meeting Information page of Club Central and click “Save” at the bottom of the page. You always have the option to turn off this feature for individual members on the Membership Management page. If you have any questions, contact the Club Quality and Member Support team at or call +1 720-439-5050. Please also review our recently updated Renewal Dues FAQ.

Earn Credit for Club Officer Training — When club officers are well-trained, club members are better served, leading to increased member retention and greater satisfaction and growth. Your club can also earn Distinguished Club Program credit if you work with your District's Program Quality Director to report your Club Officer Training in District Central by September 30 (changes accepted until October 31).

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Use the Updated Member Application — This application includes the updated membership cost of $60 USD per renewal period. Translated versions will also be available soon!

Connect with More Prospects; Gain More MembersThis guide will walk you through how to maximize the tools already at your disposal for connecting with potential members. It also includes customizable templates to easily communicate with prospects and to keep track of your communications.

Meetings Need Some Spice? — Over time, with members lapsing into a routine pattern and identical meeting formats, clubs can become a bit stale. Learn how to spice up your club meetings with changes of pace, fresh ideas, and a dose of fun to create a renewed vitality.

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2023 Toastmasters Convention Recap — Read about the highlights of this year's hybrid convention! Find out more about the new World Champion, who earned Accredited Speaker, and a breakdown of the exciting events.

Meet Morag Mathieson — Distinguished Toastmaster Morag Mathieson, a 17-year member, has taken on the leadership role of a lifetime as the 2023–2024 Toastmasters International President.

Storytelling Tips From Contest Winners — Recall a time you were mesmerized by someone's story—chances are you got lost in the tale. Hear from four speech contest winners who competed at the World Championship of Public Speaking® to get their insight and advice on storytelling.

Tune In! Small Talk, Big Results — If you're like many people, you may find small talk awkward or uncomfortable. If so, Distinguished Toastmaster Diane Windingland has your back for your next party, social, or networking event in this episode of The Toastmasters Podcast.

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The 2023 World Champion of Public Speaking — Following an exciting World Championship of Public Speaking® at the 2023 Toastmasters International Convention, we are excited to announce the new World Champion: Jocelyn Tyson, from District 38, who won with a speech titled, “Have You Been There?” Congratulations to Nisha Shivram, from District 116, for finishing in 2nd place with her speech, “Swipe,” and Maryam Ganni, from District 61, for finishing in 3rd place with her speech, “You Have No Idea.” Get inspired by watching Tyson deliver her winning speech!

Congratulations to the New Accredited Speakers — Congratulations to Verity Price, DTM, Dale Rees-Bevan, DTM, and Stephanie Angelo for achieving the Accredited Speaker designation! This elite title is reserved for those who combine expert knowledge in a particular subject with a mastery of public speaking. If you know members who are interested in the program, share the Accredited Speaker Program Handbook so they can learn about the application process.

Introducing the 2023–2024 Board of Directors — At this year's Annual Business Meeting, the membership of Toastmasters International elected new members to the organization's Board of Directors. Learn more about the International President, International President-Elect, First and Second Vice Presidents, and International Directors who will serve in 2023–2024.

Board Briefing Recording — If you missed the Board Briefing at the International Convention, don't fret; you can now watch the recording to hear important announcements from the Board of Directors.

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How to Use Club Funds — Clubs with available club funds can use this money to support the club by purchasing materials, paying for the meeting space, purchasing refreshments, and more. Additional information can be found on the Use of Club Funds page. You can also contact us at with questions.