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Public speaking is not just something you do on a stage, it is a valuable skill that applies to everyday life. Toastmasters International introduced its Public Speaking Webinar Series to stimulate your brain and boost your confidence. Listen to our panel of experts to conquer your speech fears and master life situations where speaking is required!

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Session #1—Lose the Fear, Learn the Relevance
Understand why public speaking is so scary, why it doesn’t have to be, and how it’s relevant in today’s world.

Session #2—Speak for Yourself!
Recognize all the ways public speaking applies to your daily life; get tips on life situations where a speech is required.


Tammy Miller, PID, AS

Tammy Miller, PID, AS
Pennsylvania State University professor, professional auctioneer, clown

To hear Tammy Miller tell it, she is in the business of changing lives. She is the President and CEO of Tammy Speaks and Tammy Miller Auctions, which afford her the titles of international speaker, auctioneer, author, and speech coach. As an international speaker, her topics include communication skills, motivation, leadership, humor and healing, and business and dining etiquette. As a speech coach, she has helped leaders from all walks of life become better communicators. Her company, Tammy Miller Auctions, provides local and global auction services, specializing in real estate and fundraising auctions.

An adjunct professor at Penn State University, Tammy teaches Presentation and Communication skills. She is the author of four books and a contributing columnist to national and international publications. In 2015, Tammy was chosen by the Huffington Post as one of the “15 Women Over 50” in the United States to watch.

Tammy is a Past International Director (PID) of Toastmasters and an Accredited Speaker (AS). You can learn more about Tammy at TammySpeaks.com and TammyMillerAuctions.com.


October 7 - Lose the Fear, Learn the Relevance

Anwesha Banerjee, DTM

Anwesha Banerjee, DTM, DD
Neuroscientist, public speaker

Anwesha Banerjee is a trained behavioral and molecular neuroscientist, currently working as assistant scientist at a lab at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. When asked why she chose to be a scientist, she says, “Probably my name, which in Sanskrit means ‘in search of knowledge’, decided my destiny many years ago. So, blame my parents.”

With expertise in the field of neurological disorders including autism, fragile X syndrome and Myotonic Dystrophy, she is currently conducting pioneering research to understand the underlying mechanism of cognitive impairments in Myotonic Dystrophy that severely affect a patient’s quality of life. Anwesha was the recipient of a Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation research fellowship in 2017. She has authored multiple publications and presented at national and international conferences.

Apart from science, she loves public speaking and has been an active member of Toastmasters International for over seven years. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and is currently serving as the District Director (DD) in District 14. An avid public speaker, she is well versed in facilitation, communication, and leadership skills, winning various awards and commendations for her speeches and presentations. She recently delivered her first TEDx presentation where she shared the idea of how to deal with stage fright from the perspective of neuroscience.
John Bowe

John Bowe

John Bowe has written for The New Yorker magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and many others. He has spent the last eight years working on his new book, I Have Something to Say: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking in An Age of Disconnection, published August 2020 by Penguin Random House. It begins with the ancient invention of speech training, in 400 BC, and continues with Bowe’s often-hilarious journey in Toastmasters as a fledgling student struggling with materials such as the “Competent Communication” manual. Learn more about Bowe and his book in this Toastmaster magazine article.
Liz Lin

Liz Jin
Lawyer, Coca-Cola executive, vlogger

Liz Jin started her career as a corporate lawyer in New York and London. She is currently the director of business affairs at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia, where she negotiates and manages celebrity talent deals and music, sports, gaming, and entertainment sponsorship deals.

Liz has been a member of Toastmasters since 2014 and served as the past president of Coca-Cola’s 310 North Toastmasters Club. She credits Toastmasters for inspiring her to start her storytelling blog/motivational YouTube channel, Unbury That Badass. She has two YouTube videos that give reasons why you should join Toastmasters, the most recent one linked here. She loves her two nieces, strawberry-glazed doughnuts, and true crime documentaries.

October 8 - Speak for Yourself!

Simon Bucknall, ACB, CL

Simon Bucknall, ACB, CL
Speaker, Oxford adjunct faculty member

An international, award-winning speaker, Simon Bucknall helps high-achieving leaders to maximize their impact through the spoken word. In 2017, Simon placed second out of 30,000-plus competing speakers in the World Championship of Public Speaking® in Vancouver, Canada. His clients include corporate executives at the highest level, technologists, engineers, politicians, academics, MBAs in business schools, plus the occasional prison inmate.

Holder of degrees from Oxford University and the London School of Oriental & African Studies, Bucknall is an adjunct faculty member at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and a Visiting Fellow in Professional Skills at Cambridge University. In 2013, he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London and, in 2017, was the opening speaker at TEDxLondon in Royal Festival Hall.

You can learn more about Simon at SimonBucknall.com. You can also get his free eBook regarding the seven critical mistakes leaders make when speaking in public.
Darren Lacroix

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, professional speaker

He felt invisible in high school. He failed as a business owner. He worked in a cubicle for over a decade. Today, he's a world champion speaker.

After a failed business in 1992, Darren LaCroix took the stage in a Boston comedy club and bombed miserably. The headliner that night told him to "keep his day job."

Less than nine years later, in 2001, Darren “outspoke” 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. He did it with a very funny speech.

Since that victory, Darren travels the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful presentation. His story has roused audiences in Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from Chump to Champ. He is passionate about showing people that if you are a sponge and have the right mentors, anything is possible.

Darren is the co-host of Unforgettable Presentations podcast. Through his live workshops and online programs, Darren works with presenters eager to learn what it takes to connect deeply with their audiences. He is the founder of StageTimeUniversity.com, an online program for presenters.
Ramona J. Smith

Ramona J. Smith
2018 World Champion of Public Speaking, professional speaker, educator, author, blogger, poet

Ramona J. Smith is an international award-winning public speaker who holds the title of the 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking. She has been called “a powerhouse and a gracious woman.”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, audiences admire her unrivaled ability to captivate and connect with individuals from across the globe of all races and ethnicities. She has given keynote addresses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and Malaysia.

Ramona spends a great deal of her time traveling the world delivering encouraging messages of hope, triumph, perseverance, leadership, and love. She has been featured on Forbes.com, Business Insider, INC.com, and other news outlets. Ramona authored the best-selling eBook, A World Champion's Guide to Public Speaking: 10 Optimal Tips to Master the Art of Public Speaking. In addition to being an educator, author, blogger and poet, her greatest joy is being a mom to her miraculous son Ryan.

You can reach Ramona at www.ramonajsmith.com.

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