From Prospect to Guest to Member From Prospect to Guest to Member This full color brochure guides each Toastmaster on a step-by-step path through the new member recruitment process.
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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail German Handbuch für Clubführung (de-DE1310)

Eine einfach zu nutzende Anleitung mit Kapiteln zu Clubführung, Vorstandsrollen etc.

Aktualisierte Version 12/2021

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club

A step-by-step guide for a club coach or club officer including possible solutions and tactics in rebuilding a Toastmasters club.

This version updated 7/2022

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How to Reinstate your Club If your club would like to become active again, it has two options.
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683IPP-Immediate Past President Role Immediate Past President Overview

This one-page document features a summary of the Immediate Past President role, as well as a list of responsibilities and skills learned. Available in letter size and A4.

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1167K Induction Ceremony for New Members Induction Ceremony for New Members-1167K

Follow this script when conducting an induction ceremony for new club members.

Rev. 12/2022

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Use this letterhead for club and district communications.

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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Portuguese Manual de Liderança do Clube (pt-BR1310)

Um guia fácil de usar com capítulos detalhando a governança do clube, cargos de liderança, etc.

Esta versão foi atualizada em 12/2021

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