Club Meeting Agendas

Use this agenda template for club meetings.

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Club Officer Agreement and Release Statement

This form is to be completed by club officers when elected to set clear expectations and guidelines for their duties. The Club Secretary is responsible for keeping these forms in the club’s records.

This version updated 4/2022

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Club Officer Information

Fill out this form and submit it to World Headquarters to update your club meeting information and/or club officer list.

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Club Officer Installation Script-English

An editable version of the Club Officer Installation Script from the Club Leadership Handbook.

This version updated 05/2022

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Club Sign In Sheet

Use this sheet to keep track of member attendance

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Club Sign in Sheet Canada Use this sheet to keep track of member attendance
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Club Status Guide-377A

Use this guide to determine how a club’s status affects different features and areas of the Toastmasters program.

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Cluberfolgsplan (de-DE1111A)

Ein Formular, das Clubs bei der Erstellung eines Plans helfen soll, um im kommenden Jahr den Distinguished Club-Status zu erreichen.

Aktualisierte Version 06/2022

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