cover of item 932 change communications and engagement guide Change Communications and Engagement Guide

A guide to successfully and effectively communicate and engage others in your change at every stage.

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Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide

A guide to help club coaches determine what areas can be improved while in discussions with a struggling Toastmasters club.

This version updated 3/2022

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Club Disciplinary Checklist

Form used by club officers to ensure each step of Protocol 3.0 has been completed when disciplining a member.

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Club Dissolution Form-450 Club Dissolution Form

This form is used by members to voluntarily dissolve a club charter.

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club-receipt-thumbnail Club Dues Receipt

Club treasurers can use this form to provide members with a receipt for their club dues.

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Club Leadership Committee Report

Template used by the Club Leadership Committee to announce the nominations for the Club Executive Committee elections.

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Club Leadership Handbook English

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc.

This version updated 5/2023

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Club Meeting Agendas

Use this agenda template for club meetings.

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