Meeting Invitiation thumbnail Club Meeting Invitation

Use these templates to invite guests to your club meeting.

  • Please download the digital file for email invitations.
  • Please download this file for print invitations.
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How to Build a Toastmasters Club French 121 Comment Créer un Club Toastmasters (FR121)

Donne des renseignments sur l'agrément d'un club communautaire ou d'entreprise.

How to Build a Toastmasters Club Portuguese 121 Como Construir Um Clube Toastmasters (PT121)

Inclui informações sobre como oficializar clubes comunitários e corporativos.

How to Build a Toastmasters Club Spanish 121 Como crear un Club de Toastmasters (SP121)

Incluye información para la constitución de clubes comunitarios y corporativos.

Confidence. The voice of leadership (digital) Confidence. The Voice of Leadership. This full-color promotional brochure targets potential members who work in a corporate environment, stressing the personal and career benefits of participation in Toastmasters.
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pt130 Descubra seu potencial de liderança (PT130)

Use este folheto para promover seu clube a associados em potencial que buscam autoconfiança e progressão na carreira.

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Develop Your Leaders from Within thumbnail Develop Your Leaders From Within

A brochure designed for promoting Toastmasters to businesses and organizations. The brochure includes information about Toastmasters, notable corporate clubs, testimonials and details on how to sponsor a club.

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Die Vorteile einer Toastmasters-Mitgliedschaft (de-DE354INDV)

Dieses einseitige Dokument umreißt die zahlreichen Vorteile einer Toastmasters-Mitgliedschaft. Drucken Sie diese hilfreiche Ressource aus und verwenden Sie sie, um Freunde, Familien- und Gemeindemitglieder für Ihren Club zu gewinnen. Verfügbar in den Formaten A4 und Briefgröße.

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