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February 2024 Leader Letter

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Centennial Memorabilia — Start celebrating this milestone year with exclusive 100th anniversary merchandise. Shop now for 100 Years pen, pin, keychain, ribbon, and t-shirt.

Centennial Snaps — Want to get in on a fun way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Toastmasters International all year long? Each month, Toastmasters will have a different ‘100 photos’ social media theme. Celebrate the month of February by showcasing the Toastmasters spirit! Share photos of you and/or your club members proudly donning your favorite Toastmasters-branded swag and gear using #toastmasters or #Toastmasters100Years and tagging Toastmasters.

2024 International Convention Sponsorships — Now that Toastmasters International is taking applications for this year's convention sponsors, consider asking your company or your club's corporate sponsor to take advantage of the opportunity to network with global leaders during this 100th anniversary year! Share the convention sponsors webpage to get them started.

Tune In! AI, Authenticity, and… Stand-Up Comedy? — In this episode of The Toastmasters Podcast, public speaking coach and stand-up comedian Aman Chopra enlightens listeners with stories of mixing artificial intelligence (AI) with comedy.

Grow Your Club — A great way to add new members to your club is by participating in the Talk Up Toastmasters membership-building program, which features the opportunity to earn a special ribbon and qualify for 10% off your next club order. To qualify, your club must add five new, dual, or reinstated members and pay membership dues. Please note that these members must join between February 1 and March 31, 2024.

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Ensure Good Standing — Is your club currently in good standing? Find this detail and more when you view the Daily Reports — October Dues Renewal Status; select your club's District and ensure your club is listed as Verified Complete. Refer to the Club Status Guide to determine how a club's status affects different features and areas of the Toastmasters program. Should there be a discrepancy, please contact Club and Member Support at The deadline to return to good standing and avoid suspension is March 31, 2024.

April Renewal Dues — To keep clubs in good standing, a minimum of eight members—at least three of whom were members of the club during the previous renewal period—must be submitted, with all payments received on or before April 1. Payments for the next renewal period are also being accepted. If you have questions, feel free to read our Renewal Dues FAQ or email Club officers can start submitting payments for renewals through Club Central.

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Centennial Celebration Resources — From now through December 31, 2024, you are invited to celebrate in centennial style with resources developed at World Headquarters specifically for you and your clubs. Please utilize and have fun with these: Centennial Email Signature; Digital Centennial Wallpapers; Centennial PowerPoint Template; and100 Years Logos.

International Speech Contest Eligibility — If you're helping with a speech contest, remember to ensure thorough eligibility checks are completed for every contestant. As a reminder, the education requirement for the International Speech Contest was updated for Pathways. Members competing in this contest must have completed Levels 1 and 2 of any path or earned a Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Additional details and full eligibility requirements are outlined in the Speech Contest Rulebook.

Financial Records: To Keep or Not? — There are many different financial records your club may have on file with the Club Secretary. To determine how long they should be kept, you can refer to a chart created for this purpose, located in the Club Leadership Handbook within the Club Secretary section. If you have any questions, email the Club Quality and Service Team at

Translated Speech Contest Certificates — Download certificates in your language to recognize speech contest participants and winners at the club level and beyond! Speech Contest Certificate sets are available as a free download from the Resource Library in 11 languages.

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Improv-ing Club Meetings — Read about three clubs that are getting laughs and flexing their spontaneous speaking skills with the practice of improv.

Fire Up the Lectern! — Many clubs and Districts perform roasts as a tribute to outgoing officers or to recognize a noteworthy member. Discover the dos and don'ts for roasting the guest of honor.

Humor in the Ordinary — Identifying comedy in everyday life can alleviate stress, improve your mood, and enhance your speeches. Learn how to find the funny and connect with others through laughter.

Remembering Dr. Ralph C. Smedley — How well do you know the founder of Toastmasters International? This month, 146 years ago, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley was born. As the organization celebrates its centennial, the Toastmaster is highlighting the life of Smedley. Those who have donated and continue to donate help keep his vision alive. For more information on the history of the fund and how it is used, along with how to donate, visit the Smedley Fund webpage.

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Speech Contest Updates — The Toastmasters International Board of Directors recently approved some changes that will go into effect beginning with the 2024-2025 speech contest cycle. Learn more about decisions related to contest format and translations updates.

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Still Time: Semiannual Officer List — Clubs who elect officers twice a year should have submitted their January 1, 2024, through June 30, 2024, officer list by December 31, 2023. If your club has not submitted their new list, it's not too late! Please submit your new officer list by downloading the Club Officer Information form and emailing it to

My Home to Club Central — Club Central is the main tool for a club officer where you will be able to perform activities related to club business including adding new members, paying dues, submitting education awards, viewing your current membership roster, making changes to your club's addendum and bylaws, and updating your club's contact and meeting information. As a club officer, a link to Club Central is available in your My Home page. Please note that Club Central can only be accessed by an active club officer.

Self-Pay Feature — Self-Pay is considered an optional club feature and a change to a club's Addendum of Standard Club Options. Club members must vote at a club meeting where quorum was present to determine whether Self-Pay will be enabled for their club. If the club has voted and decided by majority to allow Self-Pay, then a club officer can access the Club Contact and Meeting Information page in Club Central (accessible through My Home) to toggle the feature to the “on” position. Click “Save” to save your changes. If the club votes to disable Self-Pay later, the feature can be turned off by following the same steps and toggling the feature to the “off” position.