Toastmasters International-2024 Convention

A World-Class B2B Sponsor Opportunity

Don’t think lifeless exhibit hall. Think commemorative tradeshow with a pre-show booth bonus that opens up to Toastmasters leaders during training. It’s there that you will meet your market: hundreds of passionate global leaders that have dedicated annual budgets for business products and services that will take a 100-year-old communication organization into its next century.

Could your business be a part of the solution and the celebration?

Toastmasters International invites you to join its 100th anniversary extravaganza by registering for a sponsor opportunity like no other.

During a portion of the 2024 International Convention and Toastmasters leadership training session, from August 13–15, all in Southern California, the birthplace of Toastmasters, you will be put face to face with Toastmasters leaders and decision makers from all over the globe. They run individual conferences, training sessions, special events, and more, requiring a multitude of business solutions like yours!

Business Solutions Needed

  • Conference Platforms
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Services
  • Event Ticketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Lodging
  • Online Voting Systems
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Speakers/Speaker Bureaus
  • Survey Services
  • Training and Development
  • Video Conferencing
  • Website Solutions

Why sponsor Toastmasters International Convention?

Consider last year’s attendee demographics and the potential impact on your brand this year:

Package Price Overview

(in USD)

  • Platinum Sponsor | $5,500 (5 spots available)
  • Gold Sponsor | $3,250 (5 spots available)
  • Silver Sponsor | $1,750 (10 spots available)
  • Online Sponsor | $500
  • Add-On Sponsorships | $150-$5,000 (various packages)
Toastmasters International-2024 Convention

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