February 2022 Leader Letter

Club News


April Renewal Dues — To keep clubs in good standing, a minimum of eight members—at least three of whom were members of the club during the previous renewal period—must be submitted, with all payments received on or before April 1. If you have questions, feel free to read our Renewal Dues FAQ or email renewals@toastmasters.org. Payments for the next renewal period are being accepted. Club officers can start submitting payments for renewals through Club Central.

Grow Your Club — A great way to add new members to your club is by participating in the Talk Up Toastmasters membership-building program, which features the opportunity to earn a special ribbon and qualify for 10% off your next club order. To qualify, your club must add five new, dual, or reinstated members join and pay membership dues. Please note that these members must join between February 1 and March 31, 2022. 

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Club Excellence Webinar — Join us for a candid conversation about achieving excellence in clubs, hosted by International-President Elect Matt Kinsey! During this webinar, we’ll share, collaborate, and strategize to help your club add members and ensure it provides quality meetings for members. Come prepared to ask questions to our panel of experts during the live Q&A session.

Leadership Self Evaluations — New resources are available to help you in your leadership journey. Club officer self-evaluation forms are now available! Use these evaluations in your club to help track leadership growth and close previously missed gaps.

New Member Experience Survey — Ensure your club is providing new members with the best possible experience! Provide new members this survey 30 days after they have joined your club. Gather their feedback and use it to close gaps and improve the process of welcoming new members to your club.

Openly Recruit! — Help your club’s marketing efforts by using the Open House Flier! Invite prospective members to attend a club meeting by hanging up the flier at work, in coffee shops, or posting on social media. You can then download the Open House PowerPoint to give prospective members a better idea of what they can gain from Toastmasters and what to expect in a club meeting.

The Timer’s Toolkit — An important lesson that Toastmasters teaches is how to convey a clear message within an allocated time frame. When you serve as timer of the meeting, you play a fundamental role in helping fellow club members master this skill. Share this article with new members or those who are looking to take on a meaningful meeting role.

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Stay in Love With Your Club — We know joining Toastmasters isn’t exactly like falling in love. But with some diligence and creativity, clubs can keep members engaged and help strengthen the bond between fellow Toastmasters. Read advice on how to keep the spark alive.

Make Your Club Website a Marketing and Recruiting Asset — The first impression a prospective member gets of your club often happens before they even attend their first meeting—it’s formed when they visit your club website. Here are some ways to make an inviting first impression with online visitors.

Sergeant at Arms: Make the Meeting Shine — The Sergeant at Arms is a club officer role that requires a whole lot more than what meets the eye. Being proactive creates a positive impact, and the Sergeant at Arms should constantly be looking to make things better. Discover helpful tips for successfully filling this role.

A Base Camp Roadmap — Do you know a few members who could use some help with Base Camp? They don’t have to become an expert; they just need to know a few procedures. This article covers the basics of navigating the learning management system in Pathways.

Pitch Us Your Podcast Idea!— The Toastmaster magazine and The Toastmasters Podcast are teaming up for a contest! We’re looking for the most creative and unique podcast topic—do you have the next big idea? The winner will be the guest of honor for the 200th episode, airing March 1, 2022. Email magazine@toastmasters.org with a written summary describing your podcast topic or genre, and why you think people would want to tune in. You must include an audio file or link as a sample of your speaking skills. Entries will be accepted through February 9. Make sure to read all of the terms and conditions before submitting.

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Level 1 Completions — Join us and make 2022 a year of growth and empowerment. Work with your club members to ensure they have started working in Pathways and have completed Level 1 in their path. To view members’ progress, watch this helpful tutorial.

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How Long You Should Keep Financial Records — There are many different financial records your club may have on file with the Club Secretary. To determine how long they should be kept, you can refer to a chart we created for clubs. This can be located in the Club Leadership Handbook within the Club Secretary section. If you have any questions, you can email our Club Quality and Service Team at clubofficers@toastmasters.org.

Ensure Your Club is in Good Standing — Is your club currently in good standing? You can find this detail and more when you view the Daily Reports – October Dues Renewal Status; select your club’s District and ensure your club is listed as Verified Complete. Refer to the Club Status Guide to determine how a club’s status affects different features and areas of the Toastmasters program. Should there be a discrepancy, please contact Club and Member Support at renewals@toastmasters.org. The deadline to return to good standing and avoid suspension is March 31, 2022.

Paying Annual Dues — We understand that some members wish to pay for two renewal periods instead of one. This is an available option with the assistance of the Club and Member Support team. If you have members that wish to pay for October 2022 now, and they understand that the dues are nonrefundable, as a club officer, you can send an email to renewals@toastmasters.org with the member’s name and the request. Our team can then manually create it for you to be paid in Club Central, and it will appear once their April 2022 renewal has been paid.