February 2022 Leader Letter

District News


New District Award and Contest — In addition to the normal recognition programs, we are excited to announce a new award and contest for Districts to earn and participate in. The District Club Strength Award is a new way to look at growth, while the Club Building Video Contest is aimed at sharing ideas for chartering new clubs. Visit this webpage to learn more about how your District can get involved!

Review District Operating Procedures — Many Districts establish operating procedures to guide them and provide consistency from year to year. Review your District’s operating procedures regularly to ensure that they are relevant and current. If the District changes its procedures, follow the guidelines in the District Leadership Handbook. Please email the proposed changes to districts@toastmasters.org for review. Once approved by the District Executive Committee or District Council, be sure to post any approved changes on the District website.

Level 1 Completions — Join us and make 2022 a year of growth and empowerment. Work with your club members to ensure they have started working in Pathways and have completed Level 1 in their path. To view members’ progress, watch this helpful tutorial.

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Submit Club Officer Training Reports — The deadline to administer the second round of Club Officer Training is February 28. It is recommended that Club Officer Training reports are submitted by March 31 for clubs to receive credit in the Distinguished Club Program. Please check your District reports regularly for accuracy.

Successful District Elections Start Here — The District Leadership Committee (DLC) is responsible for finding the best candidates who will help to ensure long-term District success. The DLC notifies the District Director of the nominated candidates six (6) weeks prior to the election date, and the DLC report must be posted four (4) weeks prior to the annual District Council meeting.

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Club Excellence Webinar — Club officers are invited to join us for a candid conversation about achieving excellence in clubs, hosted by International-President Elect Matt Kinsey! During this webinar, we’ll share, collaborate, and strategize to help clubs add members and ensure they provides quality meetings for members. Attendees should come prepared to ask questions to our panel of experts during the live Q&A session.

A Message on Campaigns — District leader candidates are encouraged to watch this video from International President Margaret Page. Candidates may also review Protocol 9.0 for additional campaign rules. 

International Speech Contest Region Quarterfinals— Are you ready for your District-level International Speech Contest? Whether your District is conducting contests online or in person, the Video Recording Guidelines for Online Speech Contests provides helpful resources and reminders to prepare you for a successful contest and recording.

Leadership Self Evaluations — District leader self-evaluation forms are available to help you in your leadership journey. Use these evaluations in your District to help track leadership growth and close previously missed gaps.

360-Degree Evaluations — Another exciting leadership development tool, 360-degree evaluations, are available for District leaders! These evaluations allow for peers to evaluate leaders and aid in their leadership development. Download these evaluation resources and learn how you can implement them in your District!

Find the Right Speakers— One of the most important aspects of planning your conference is selecting educational speakers. Please review some guidelines to help you get started.

The Timer’s Toolkit— An important lesson that Toastmasters teaches is how to convey a clear message within an allocated time frame. When you serve as timer of the meeting, you play a fundamental role in helping fellow club members master this skill. Share this article with new members or those who are looking to take on a meaningful meeting role.

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Leadership in a Changed World — The pandemic has turned leadership models upside down, as well as pushed leaders to chart new waters. To navigate this new world, leaders must broaden and hone the skills needed to adapt and succeed, including demonstrating empathy and connection, modeling resilience and transparency, and inspiring trust among others. Learn more in this February Toastmaster article.

A Base Camp Roadmap — Do you know a few members who could use some help with Base Camp? They don’t have to become an expert; they just need to know a few procedures. This article covers the basics of navigating the learning management system in Pathways.

Pitch Us Your Podcast Idea!— The Toastmaster magazine and The Toastmasters Podcast are teaming up for a contest! We’re looking for the most creative and unique podcast topic—do you have the next big idea? The winner will be the guest of honor for the 200th episode, airing March 1, 2022. Email magazine@toastmasters.org with a written summary describing your podcast topic or genre, and why you think people would want to tune in. You must include an audio file or link as a sample of your speaking skills. Entries will be accepted through February 9. Make sure to read all of the terms and conditions before submitting.

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Thank You Mid-year Training Attendees! — The training in January built on foundational sessions conducted last year at District Leader Training in August. Your discussions, sharing of best practices, and collaboration made the training valuable and tremendously successful. We wish you the best of luck in achieving your year-end goals.

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International Speech Contest Education Requirement — If you’re helping with a speech contest, remember to ensure thorough eligibility checks are completed for every contestant. For the International Speech Contest, this includes a requirement to achieve certificates of completion for Levels 1 and 2 of a path or have completed six speeches in the Competent Communication manual. Additional details and full eligibility requirements are outlined in the Speech Contest Rulebook.

Consider Club Growth When Creating the District Alignment — There are several factors to consider when aligning clubs in the District, such as geographic proximity to other clubs, the ability of the Area Director to effectively provide service, club size and strength, the likelihood of eligibility for the Distinguished program, and a consideration for prospective clubs and expected growth. As Areas and Divisions are aligned, be sure to consider new clubs being added throughout the program year. If you have any questions, please email the District Growth and Support team at districts@toastmasters.org