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Marc Williams Creating a Positive Impact

Toastmaster Marc Williams talks about his career as an educator, and how the presentation skills he developed as a member led him to become a principal. Realizing his own potential, he teaches his students to do the same, while emphasizing that communication is the key to success.

Calvin Lin Touts Table Topics

Toastmaster Calvin Lin is a program manager at the Freedom Writers Foundation in Long Beach, California. In this video, he reveals how he uses his Table Topics skills to answer questions on the spot about the organization he works for and how the lessons he learns in his club translate to his work life.

PIP Oral History Interviews

Toastmasters Past International Presidents Share Highlights from Their Toastmasters Experience.

Welcome to Pathways

Learn about Toastmasters International’s new education program, the Pathways learning experience.

Why was Pathways created?

Learn why Toastmasters International decided to revitalize its education program.

How were members involved?

Learn how members were involved in the development of the Pathways learning experience.

Why is Pathways valuable to you?

Understand why the Pathways learning experience is valuable to you.

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