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December 2023
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What makes a great coach? Experts respond.

“Knowing when to toss or keep—sometimes the harder part of coaching is to toss the whole thing and start over again. Sometimes it is a matter of tweaking some parts, keeping others, and reworking sections while keeping THEIR voice and their story.”

Tammy Miller, DTM, AS, speaking coach

“A great coach is someone who can listen, comprehend, and relate to your specific needs and tailor your speaking in ways that highlight your authentic voice, personality, and message.”

Dr. Sherri Raftery, DTM, communications professor, leadership and speaking coach

“A good coach understands that he has the training and skills to coach. But it is always about the client. A good coach removes himself from the solution. And a great coach becomes a guide that challenges, digs deep, and allows the client to find their own strengths and discover their path.”

Samuel Moran, communications and presentation coach

“A great coach provides insight and perspective, along with helping clients see their true abilities and potential despite any ingrained beliefs of inadequacy.”

Michelle Winsor, leadership coach

“A great coach can get one to do things they thought were unthinkable!”

Tim Beavers, manager/leadership coach

“A good coach believes in you, a great coach helps you believe in you.”

Carolyn Pelletier, Toastmasters mentor/coach

“A great coach is one who inspires others to make a change, to work harder, and to become a better version of themselves.”

Amy Savolainen Kampe, teacher, sports coach assistant

“A great coach is someone who is present when they are coaching you, as in undivided attention, authentically invested. Someone who has integrity.”

Amber Darby, early childhood special education educator

“One who can listen intently without judgement.”

Greg Gazin, DTM, PDG/District 42, podcast coach, host/producer for The Toastmasters Podcast

“A great coach is somebody that sees the human (not the athlete or performer); takes time to know them and their story; sees their magic; helps them to identify their gift, hone/train their gift (even if it requires tough love and hard feedback or picking them up while they fall); and believes in that person enough to make them believe in themselves and want to share that gift with the world. Then the coach steps back to become the biggest cheerleader, encourager, and supporter.”

Ramonita Smith, brand coach/strategist


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