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December 2023
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Craft Your Scrapper Story

By Eva Finn

Human Resources expert Regina Hartley gives an eye-opening TED Talk showing how you can use hardships in your life to help you land a job. In her presentation Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resumé, she explains that a job candidate with a perfect resume versus one who has fought through difficulty—a “scrapper”—deserves a chance. She says, “Choose the underestimated contender, whose secret weapons are passion and purpose. Hire the scrapper.”

What is your scrapper story? Mine was that I put myself through college, working three jobs, including a night shift as a hospital admitting clerk.

Bonus tip: Remember, as a recent college grad or as a student seeking an internship or a job, know that your interviewer is aware that you’re not incredibly experienced. According to associate artistic professor Kathy Thibault of Chapman University, “They’re looking for who you are as a person. Could they see themselves working with you?” She adds, “Most people are underqualified for the job they’re hired for because the company knows they’ll grow into it. Imposter syndrome and GenZ are such a big thing – it’s important for college students and grads to realize that people several rungs above from them are also hired above their skill level.”


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