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February 2024
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Starting Your Own Online Slam

Why not suggest an online slam to your Club President or Area Director? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Zoom is not the only online conferencing platform. Try out Webex and others, to see which fits your budget and your needs.
  • How many people do you want to participate? You may wish to limit the event to Toastmasters and friends. I don’t advertise to enormous groups of people. I post to Facebook friends and email people I know personally, and I tell those invitees that they are also welcome to invite friends or colleagues.
  • Choose judges beforehand. Be clear with the judging criteria both to judges and to the contestants at the outset. You can open a private breakout room for judges to confer with you and each other, or, to save time, simply ask them to text you their top choices.
  • Determine something to do between stories, just for about a minute. You could promote events, conduct an interview, do Table Topics®, or ask participants if they have any event announcements.
  • Do you have a prize? Let the group know ahead of time what you are giving.


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