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April 2024
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10 Ideas For Your Next Ice Breaker

For some speakers, finding a topic for an Ice Breaker can be the biggest hurdle. Kristin Nickells, DTM, President of Mid-Island Advanced Toastmasters Club and Vice President Education for Arbutus Toastmasters Club, both in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, offers the following suggestions. Create your own list to use for future Ice Breakers.

1. Structure a speech around three of your favorites (foods, colors, subjects in school, etc.).

2. Explain why you chose your profession.

3. Describe the scariest thing that ever happened to you.

4. Talk about the most valuable lesson you’ve learned.

5. Tell a story about your parents.

6. Describe the craziest thing you ever did.

7. Talk about your favorite author/book and why.

8. Describe a trip you went on.

9. Talk about how you chose your pets.

10. Explain how you got your nickname.


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