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April 2024
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12 Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

Listen to these Toastmasters Podcast episodes for more inspiration.

1. Confessions of a Podcast HostGreg Gazin, DTM, and Ryan Levesque, DTM

2. Brushing Up on a Foreign LanguageCarol Bausor

3. Stage Fright: A Psychologist’s PerspectiveKristen Hamling, Ph.D.

4. Improbable ER Doctor Discovers His VoiceDr. Shlomo Noskow

5. Virtual World Tour—2020-21 International President Richard E. Peck, DTM

6. How to Communicate Effectively Across CulturesDean Foster

7. Charting New Territory—2021–2022 International President Margaret Page, DTM

8. Toastmasters and Trivia Knowledge Propels Member to Jeopardy PaydayDennis Chase, DTM

9. 2021 World Champion of Public SpeakingVerity Price, DTM

10. Overcoming Your Inner StutterJoze Piranian

11. Virtual Event Hosting and Mastering EngagementsAmanda Mae Gray

12. Talking to Animals Just like Dr. DoolittleClaudia Hehr


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