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April 2024
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"Why Toastmasters?" Digital Guest Packet

Toastmasters webpage with eight elements

Looking for an inviting, interactive, and immediate way to share Toastmasters benefits with your club guests and prospects? Send them to the “Why Toastmasters?” webpage, our new digital guest packet.

Visitors can click on eight elements to learn about Toastmasters, meeting formats, the club experience, testimonials, Pathways, and much more. There is also a section on how to find a club, fill out a membership application, and ask any additional questions.

While originally designed as a virtual alternative to the hard-copy guest packets used at in-person meetings, the new “Why Toastmasters?” site offers a quick, convenient way to catch potential members’ interest, regardless of the club’s meeting format. Additionally, member prospects can easily forward the webpage to coworkers, employers, friends, family, or others they think might like to know more about Toastmasters.

Give it a try in your club and send the link to anyone who may be interested in learning more!

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