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May 2024
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Countdown to a New Education Era

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If you haven’t already transitioned to Pathways, get ready to do so! July 1, 2020, will mark the official changeover from Toastmasters’ traditional education program to the Pathways learning experience.

When Pathways launched in 2018, existing members were given a two-year transition period. During this time, you could—and can up to June 30—work in the traditional program, in Pathways, or in both. (All new members are required to work in Pathways.) Starting on July 1, the first day of the 2020-2021 program year, Pathways will be the only education program available to members.

You’re encouraged, however, not to wait until then to enroll in Pathways. The earlier you plunge in, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be in navigating the program.

It’s worth remembering that although change is challenging, it also leads to growth and sg personal and professional goals. You can develop a wide variety of competencies, from blogging and networking to leading meetings effectively and communicating better in relationships. Several updates have been made in recent months:

  • All 11 paths in Pathways have been “unlocked,” meaning that as soon as you get your chosen path, you can access any project in any of the path’s five levels. Being able to view what’s available in the higher levels may help you plan your projects and chart your learning.
  • It is now easier to access Pathways projects. You can get to Base Camp—Pathways’ online learning management system—through your Toastmasters Profile once you log in.
  • The changes in Base Camp access include a new onboarding experience for selecting paths and getting into Base Camp. Watch a demonstration of the new access process.

All Pathways educational content has been translated into eight languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. Content is also being translated into Tamil and Korean, and two paths will be available in those two languages in early 2020.

An important reminder: To earn any final education awards in the traditional program, you must submit your award applications to World Headquarters by June 30. And it’s highly recommended you not wait to the last minute to send them in. The deadline will not be extended. If you have questions, please email

Get ready to head down the homestretch toward a new era in Toastmasters education.

Learn more about the Pathways program. The webpage also has an FAQ section, which includes answers to questions about unlocking access within paths.

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