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June 2024
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Club Coach Program Overview

What is a club coach?

The coach, an experienced Toastmaster from outside the struggling club, guides clubs in rebuilding membership, restoring enthusiasm, and earning credit in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). With the coach’s support, the club undertakes the active revitalization work, utilizing a variety of Toastmasters resources.

Who is eligible for a coach?

Eligible clubs have at least one but no more than 12 members. The club must not be suspended or closed.

How can my club request a coach?

Your district director or club growth director can appoint a club coach by sending the completed Club Coach Agreement to If the club is not located within a district, the club president can appoint a club coach.

How can I become a club coach?

You must be a paid Toastmasters member in good standing and not an existing member of the club to be coached at the time of appointment.

For information on the Club Coach Program, including FAQs, How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club, the Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide, Moments of Truth, and the Distinguished Club Program and the Club Success Plan, visit the Club Coach Program webpage.


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