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June 2024
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Go For Real-time Impact

Social media and Web 2.0 technologies have made people less willing to be passive observers. Now audiences expect to play a part in creating the content they consume. In short, the more you involve your audience, the better.

The May 2019 issue of the Toastmaster magazine covered a variety of interactive tools, including live polling devices for instant audience feedback. Add interactive textboxes to slides so that you can type and write in them during the presentation, effectively turning your slide into a giant whiteboard for capturing audience input.

Microsoft has recently opened up the world of 3D imagery to PowerPoint, including a large library of free 3D objects. These objects can be animated and rotated to show an object from every angle. While this kind of powerful visualization will eventually become the norm for PowerPoint, for the time being it is still novel enough to really capture your audience’s attention.

Make the effort to rise above the norm and design slides that enhance your message and engage your audience.


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