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May 2024
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Translations Reviewers Take on Tamil

Toastmasters’ new education program offers a multitude of benefits to members—one of which is the availability of materials in several languages from around the world. The latest language to receive the translation treatment is Tamil, an official language in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius.

All educational materials in the Pathways learning experience are currently available in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Materials in Tamil will be rolled out two paths at a time. The first two, Presentation Mastery and Leadership Development, will be available around September. The remaining paths in Tamil will roll out every few months, with all paths expected to be completed by late 2020.

Toastmasters around the world volunteer their efforts to serve on translation review teams, who ensure that all Pathways translations are accurate and authentic to the local culture. The teams review the professional translations, help develop Pathways glossaries and make sure the translated content reflects the Toastmasters experience.

Thank you to members of the Tamil Translation Review Team: Chief reviewer Ganesh Manika, lead reviewers Surya Narayanan Kalyanaraman, Mohamed Ibrahim Maricar and Subbi Mathur, and reviewers Girija Vasudevan Chari, Kannan M, Mohamed Ghouse Mohamed Saleen, Sajeev Udayakumar, Abul Kalam Azad, Venkatesan Kulandaivelu, Vijay Krishnan, Venkatakrishnan Kannan Munusamy and Shunmuga Sundaram.

Visit the Translations page on the Toastmasters website to learn more about the team members, as well as other translation review teams. For more information, please email the Translations Team at World Headquarters.

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