Traveling Toastmaster June 2019

Jakub Kunat of Pardubice, Czech Republic, climbs to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, a Buddhist sacred site in Bhutan. Clelia Ayala-White, DTM, and Paul White, DTM, of Washington D.C., celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Barcelona, Spain, after meeting through Toastmasters. Noel Ann Crawford, DTM, of Mountainside, New Jersey, vacations in Sint Maarten, an island in the Caribbean Sea. Agostinho Cajetan Barretto of Springfield Gardens, New York, takes his Toastmaster underwater while scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. His hand sign is a universal scuba diving code informing those in the water that he is safe. Anita Papp of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, walks along a beach in Kauai, Hawaii, U.S. Srilakshmi of Bangalore, India, rides a yak at Tsomgo Lake, a glacial lake in Sikkim, India. Arvind Achal of Birselden, Switzerland, enjoys sightseeing on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, in front of the Buda Castle. Prajn Mishra of Salinas, California, looks over the world's longest dam  - Hirakud Dam in Odisha, India. Reiner See of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., looks over Papeete, Tahiti, from the deck of a ship cruising seven islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Abraham Limpiada of Mandaluyong, Philippines, visits Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Bob Holzwarth of Rochester, New York, stands in front of the Monument to the Equator in Quito Ecuador. The yellow line marks the line of the equator, so Bob is standing in two hemispheres at once.
Kim Dixon of View Park, California, takes in the view from the top of Mount Eden Volcano in Auckland, New Zealand.

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