Traveling Toastmaster July 2019

Vinay Darunam of Englewood, Colorado, finds a thrill in watching the Aurora Borealis in the city of North Pole, Alaska, U.S. Annette Palmer of Brunswick, Ohio, travels by camel through Petra, Jordan,  nicknamed the Rose-Red City for the color of the rock from which many of the city’s structures were carved.George Lincoln Wilks Jr. of Hyattsville, Maryland, looks over Bogotá, Colombia, the third-highest capital in the world at 8,612 feet (2,625 meters). Viktorija Gnatoka originally from Riga, Latvia, explores the hiking opportunities near her new home in Seattle, Washington. Agnes Inzsöl of Budapest, Hungary, keeps herself entertained while waiting to enter the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. The Atomium was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair and is now a museum.  Eva Li of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, looks over the terraced rice fields in Sapa, Vietnam. Jennifer Ferrero of Liberty Lake, Washington, ports in Colon, Panama, while on a cruise off the coast of South America. Mihaly Balogh of Budapest, Hungary, explores hiking routes on the island of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa.Nitya Kirat of Los Angeles, California, vacations on Tavarua, a heart-shaped island in Fiji. Rehna Khalid of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, enjoys a solo trip through Turkey. In this photo, she stands outside Suleymaniye Mosque—one of the best-known sights and second-largest mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Isa Chou and Steve Chen of Taipei, Taiwan, enjoy a cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Susan Aviram of Shaker Heights, Ohio, visits Pattaya City, Thailand. She took this trip to see an exchange student who lived with her 20 years ago.