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April 2024
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Toastmasters Tips for a Persuasive Speech

Never, maybe, yes chart on chalkboard

In a persuasive speech, your aim is to influence the thinking or behavior of listeners. You can do this in several ways.

Inspire: You want to inspire excitement in your audience about your topic or reinforce their existing ideas and beliefs.

Convince: You want to change audience members’ opinions or persuade them to develop the same opinion you have.

Call to action: You want listeners to take some type of action after hearing your speech, such as buy a product, try an activity or volunteer with an organization.

One key to making a powerful argument is knowing your topic well. Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Research the issue thoroughly
  • Be prepared to support your position with evidence from credible sources
  • Look at different perspectives surrounding the issue
  • Know your goal

Language is important too. Include strong, descriptive phrasing whenever possible. The words you use have an impact on your audience.


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