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May 2024
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5 Tips for Finding a Prospective Leader

One of the biggest challenges for club officers is finding future leaders. Identifying these members involves planning, teamwork and collaboration with the leadership team. Here are a few tips to help with the search:

1 Pay attention to members who are responsive, take action and are consistent with keeping their word. There’s a good chance these members already have leadership experience in their personal and professional lives.

2 Look for members who are showing improvement in their leadership skills. Plant the seed and tell them specifically where you see improvement. In follow-up conversations, tell them why they would make good leaders and eventually ask them to take on a leadership role. This allows a member to consider the idea well before being asked to commit to lead.

3 Explain to members the benefits you personally have experienced in your role. For example, you could describe how it continues to build your confidence and leadership skills. You might also share your story about how and why you became a club officer.

4 Make members aware of opportunities. It’s important to talk about future open positions at your meetings to let members know prior to election time what roles are available and which ones they might find interesting.

5 Ask members what area of their lives they would like to improve. Tie their answers into the skills they would learn as a club leader. For example, if their goal is to build confidence in decision-making, suggest that they assume the role of club president.

Although it may not be easy, building your club officer team can be rewarding for both you and your members. For more advice, read 9 Ways to Spot a Leader by Dana Lamon, DTM, AS.


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