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June 2024
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Snapshot April 2018

From left: Aileen Jessica, Limarvin, Jamila Mae, and Lilia and Claudio Fernandez


A Family Legacy

My parents, Claudio, ACS, ALB, and Lilia Fernandez, DTM, joined Toastmasters in 1995 and have brought my siblings and me to meetings since we were kids. As we grew older, we never imagined that we too would follow their exceptional legacy. We are each working on our own DTMs at the Mabuhay Club in Saudi Arabia, hoping to be a family of DTMs. I am proud to be a member of an organization that teaches leadership and communication to make the world a little bit better. The photo is from a recent trip our family made to Cairo, Egypt.

Contributed by Jamila Mae Fernandez, ACB, ALB, of the Mabuhay Club in Saudi Arabia.


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