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May 2024
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The following kinds of jokes are examples of how to be funny by seeing the humor in everyday life.

Exaggeration. An exaggeration joke involves an extreme stretch of the imagination. Such things as size, numbers, proportions, facts, feelings, events and experiences are so greatly overstated or ­magnified they become absurd.

The movie was so bad, people were lined up to get out.

Definition. A definition joke defines a word humorously. It is similar to an exaggeration joke because it also distorts an aspect of the subject.

A consultant is someone who is called in at the last minute to share the blame.

Incongruity. Two generally accepted ideas are associated irrationally.

One professional speaker offers this advice to novices: “Be accurate, be brief, and be seated.”

Play on words. Such jokes are based on the fact that some words have more than one meaning.

One hospital in town is taking some unusual measures to cut costs. For example, they have patients make their own beds. When you check in they give you a toolbox and wood.

Understatement.You deliberately represent something as less than it actually is.

During his travels he blogged extensively about the weather, once describing a torrential rain as a bit of moisture.

Implication.These jokes make a point but with-out directly stating it. The listener has to make the connection.

Grand Canyon guide: “It took millions of years to carve this.”

Tourist: “Oh, was it a government project?”


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