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Let's Play!

Rhetoric is designed to be played by four to eight people. In each round, players roll the dice and move their figures to the corresponding space where a one-minute task awaits them. There are four types of tasks:

Topic – Players draw a card with a single word on it. They must speak about the topic.

Challenge – Players draw a card that has a challenging question or instruction. Challenges have been designed to stretch comfort zones!

Question – Any player can ask the speaker a spontaneous question on any topic.

Reflection – Players may talk about anything they like. No cards, no questions, no restrictions. You have free rein, so use your imagination and speak about something that is important to you.

For Topics and Questions, players must also incorporate an aspect of speech delivery or structure either of their choice or as determined by a spin of the wheel. The game can be played competitively or non-competitively. If the former, then throughout the game, everyone rates the speeches given by their fellow players. Players are thus competitors and judges at the same time.