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How to Be a Prepared Presenter Outside of the Club

When you step into the spotlight, be ready for anything.

By Marcie Hill, ACS, CL

Technology can fail at any time during a presentation, so it’s important to be armed and ready when it does. Here is a checklist of tips and tools to help you become efficient and prepared for all occasions. 

Prior to Presentation

  • Text or email handouts to attendees 24-72 hours prior to a presentation. In addition to establishing a rapport with the initial contact, you’re reducing printing costs and the amount of inventory you have to carry. 
  • Speak to the meeting coordinator to confirm that your presentation room will be set up. Inquire about seating accommodations, audio-video equipment and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Print screenshots of your presentation just in case technology fails.
  • Store your presentation, handouts and all other documents on USB drives and back them up on cloud storage.
  • Download your preferred presentation app on your tablet or mobile device and then upload your presentation.
  • When traveling, prepare a three-ring binder for travel and hotel information as well as documents, contracts and contact information.

What to Bring

Always assume you’re going to need your equipment
  • Projector. Bring your own projector in case the one at the venue is not compatible with your laptop or stops working
  • Your laptop, tablet and mobile device
  • Presentation pointer and batteries
  • Two lavalier microphones—one long and one short
  • Audio recorder—record your presentation to create eBooks, blog posts and other content to supplement your topic

Always make sure your equipment works
  • Cables, connectors and adaptors for Mac, laptop and mobile devices
  • HDMI cord to connect laptop and ­mobile devices to projectors and TVs
  • VGA cable or adaptor to connect older computers to older projectors
  • Ethernet converter to access the internet using cables
  • Wall and car chargers for devices
  • Two-prong extension cord with additional 3-prong ground adaptors 
  • Three-prong surge protector

To Live-Stream Your Presentation
  • Camcorder, tablet or mobile device 
  • Tripod 
  • Selfie stick and mini tripod
  • Double camera mount tripod bracket to connect two recording devices simultaneously
  • Lighting kit to ensure you have sufficient light when recording