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Pathways Translations

Pathways educational materials in French became available to members in regions 6 and 7 when those two regions rolled out the Pathways learning experience in late October. The regions are in the United States and Canada.

All materials in Toastmasters’ new education program are being translated into the organization’s non-English languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tamil and Traditional Chinese. Pathways materials translated into Simplified Chinese were released earlier this year.

Members around the world volunteer their time and effort to ensure that all Pathways translations are accurate and authentic to the local culture. Thank you to members of the French Translation ¬≠Review Team: Chief Reviewer Gaétane Ferland, lead reviewers Stéphane Parent and Corinne Simonet, and reviewers Marc-André Poirier, Patricia Sadoun, Stephane Gantzer, Nina Carrasco, John-Prosper Seka, Philippe-Olivier Combey, Bernadette Boly and Danaé Margerit. In addition, past reviewers who served on the team are: Alain Cliché, Kateri Saumure, Therese Bouchez, Maria Aghakian, Matthieu Balay, Marie-Anne Assanvo-N’Guessan and Fatime Faye.

Visit the Translations webpage to learn more about the team members. For more information, please email the Translation Team at World Headquarters.