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April 2024
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Meet My Mentor

By Mary Nesfield

From left: Tim Lambert, DTM, and Patricia Rijavec, DTM

In 1989, Tim Lambert, DTM, a scientist for the Canadian government, joined the Fun Speakers Toastmasters club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After gaining experience as a district leader, Lambert is giving back through mentoring.

Patricia Rijavec, DTM, is a senior manager with the Ministry of Education in the province of Alberta. She discovered Toastmasters while enrolled in a community college course taught by a Toastmaster. “He recommended that I join the Fun Speakers club,” she says. When Rijavec joined the club in 2005, Lambert offered to mentor her.

Patricia, please tell us about Tim.

Tim has a wealth of Toastmasters knowledge and is highly respected in our community for his knowledge, experience and ability to deftly maneuver through Robert’s Rules of Orders. He provides sound guidance and expert information, and holds each member accountable to their own objectives and potential. He has the ability to say just the right thing at the right time to nudge each individual forward.

What did you expect to achieve in Toastmasters?

Because I advocate for children and education, I wanted to become more eloquent and compelling in order to command attention and influence decisions. Toastmasters offers endless possibilities for continued development in both communication and leadership. Tim taught us that we can complement our ­professional lives with the important leadership experiences we have in the club.

How do you apply what you’ve learned?

I use what I’ve learned every day by providing timely feedback to colleagues, offering succinct and well-developed responses or interventions during meetings, delivering professional presentations and facilitating performance conversations as a supervisor.

What do you like best about Tim?

His inspiring ways and his deep commitment to the organization, starting with what he says is the most important component: the members. He is an incredible role model. His belief in my potential from the first time I visited the club 10 years ago has led me to complete my DTM and mentor other members and clubs.


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