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Five Questions About Pathways

Q Why are we revitalizing the current education program?

A Toastmasters’ Board of Directors called on the organization to modernize the communication track and renew the focus on leadership learning. Additionally, there is a growing need to provide greater access to educational materials, expanded learning resources and an educational experience in which you learn skills you can transfer out into the world.

Q When will the new program start?

A The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is scheduled to launch next year, in a phased rollout by region.

Q If I am currently working toward an education award, will I be able to finish by the time Pathways launches?

A Yes. The current and new programs will run concurrently for a minimum of 24 months after all districts have been included in the program rollout.

Q What will happen to the DTM in the new program?

A The DTM will still represent the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters. The specific requirements for achieving a DTM, as well as details surrounding recognition in Pathways, are still being finalized.

Q Will we have help learning to use the new program online?

A Yes! All Toastmasters leaders, from club leaders on up, will be trained in using the program online so they can help members use it.


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