my turn

Heidi Swan, Bilquis Ahmed and Ron Maroko pose with Toastmasters ribbons

My Turn

Eat, Pray, Speak

Bilquis Ahmed

Priscilla Dickinson, husband, young daughter, young son posing outside

My Turn

A Mother’s Courage to Speak

Priscilla Dickinson

Toastmasters Patricia Fripp

My Turn

Giving a Speech About Yourself?

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Toastmasters Bethany Boring

My Turn

‘Hold My Right Hand’

Bethany Boring, ACS, ALB

Toastmasters Gant Laborde Conference

My Turn

Cool, Not Frozen

Gant Laborde, ACS, ALB

Harriet Cummings

My Turn

Seeing Failure Differently

Harriet Cummings

Toastmasters Lindy MacLaine

My Turn

Semifinalist Inspired by Champions

Lindy MacLaine, DTM

Toastmasters Glenn Bott

My Turn

Finding a New Path to Speech

Glenn Bott, ACG, CL

Tina Reine with Netizens costar Anita Sarkeesian, director Cynthia Lowen and costar Carrie Goldberg at the Tribeca Film Festival

My Turn

The Courage to Speak

Tina Reine, ACS

Toastmasters Trenton Rescue Mission Gavel Club

My Turn

The Breakfast Club

Corbett Klein

My Turn

The Case of the Moldy Ginger Cake

V. Charles Ward, ATM

Toastmasters Tek Raj Gyawai

My Turn

I Don’t Like Change!

James Wantz, DTM