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Toastmaster Andrea Cilleti posing for photo

My Turn

Disaster Researcher Puts Toastmasters Skills to the Test

Andrea Ciletti

Thomas Iland poses with Toastmasters plaque

My Turn

Breaking the Barriers of Autism

Thomas Iland, DTM, AS

Woman posing in cap and gown

My Turn

A Learning Experience

Erica Alfaro

Woman in red dress

My Turn

Confessions of a Pathways-Resistant President

Lorinne Griswold

Woman in black turtle neck

My Turn

In My Skin

Alex Kiester

Woman in red dress onstage holding microphone

My Turn

Reclaiming My Voice

Nina G

Four people pose together at annual convention

My Turn

Convention Memories

Carolyn Kaldy, DTM

Blind woman with guide dog

My Turn

Navigating Obstacles with New Eyes

Maribel Steel

Woman smiling wearing blue scarf

My Turn

Social Events Build Bonds

Fiona Clayton

Senior citizens pose with Toastmasters volunteer

My Turn

Living History

Cara Wasden

Jolene Stockman smiles in red shirt and blue jacket outside

My Turn

Fitting In As An Autistic Speaker

Jolene Stockman, DTM

Omei Bongos-Ikwue smiling in black jacket and white shirt

My Turn

Overcoming a Speech Impediment

Omei Bongos-Ikwue