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Woman posing in white hijab

My Turn

Coming Back to Toastmasters

Ruth Nasrullah

Woman posing outdoors in black jacket with pins

My Turn

What Does 143 Mean to You?

Sindhuja Nanduri, DTM

Woman smiling at camera

My Turn

Adapting to Change in Chennai

Nina John, DTM

Man in blue sweater standing and smiling

My Turn

The Power of Active Gratitude

Samir Geepee

Woman in jacket and jeans posing next to banner

My Turn

Leadership Amid the Pandemic

Hanaa Mounzer

Man wearing headphones with microphone on table

My Turn

Savoring the Sounds of Speakers

Harry Wolfe

Mark Burchill smiling wearing blue shirt and colorful tie

My Turn

Dual Member, Dual Benefits

Mark Burchill, DTM

Toastmasters International President Deepak Menon awards member Bob Turel a certificate

My Turn

The Silent Evaluator

Bob Turel, DTM

A group of members from the Renaissance Speakers Toastmasters club pose with banners and flags

My Turn

The Toastmasters Club Game

Lance Miller

Toastmaster Andrea Cilleti posing for photo

My Turn

Disaster Researcher Puts Toastmasters Skills to the Test

Andrea Ciletti

Thomas Iland poses with Toastmasters plaque

My Turn

Breaking the Barriers of Autism

Thomas Iland, DTM, AS

Woman posing in cap and gown

My Turn

A Learning Experience

Erica Alfaro