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Man smiling

My Turn

The Many Sides of Leadership

Michael Chojnacki, DTM

Man sitting outside in grass with two dogs

My Turn

A Club Culture of Inclusivity

Ross Marshall, Ph.D.

Woman speaking on TEDx stage

My Turn

From City to Gritty to the TEDx Stage

Rachel Cronin

Man looking in the mirror

My Turn

When Your Greatest Enemy Is You

Conrad Miller

Woman in green sweater posing by tree

My Turn

From Silenced to Storyteller

Jaleh Siyan, DTM

Woman signing book

My Turn

Embrace the Uncomfortable

Nhi Aronheim

Man posing on rock near water

My Turn

Have Languages, Will Travel

Niall Finn

Two women speaking at a table

My Turn

Pitch Perfect

Krista Wells

Woman performing in white coat

My Turn

Lifting the Curtain on Leadership Success

Quinn Lemley, DTM

Man wearing glasses with beard

My Turn

Creating a Tribe

Talha Bin Hamid, DTM

Woman speaking onstage

My Turn

Sailing in Uncharted Waters

Shenali Dias

Man holding suitcase and bag at airport

My Turn

Finding Camaraderie in a New Country

Alexander Kuch