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Man in glasses smiling

My Turn

A Corporate Club Reimagined

Roy Slack

Young man smiling and holding DTM plaque

My Turn

On a Mission for Mental Health

Neshan Anantha Rajah, DTM

Man on stage with arms wide open

My Turn

A Song of Brotherhood

Ankur Bora

Man in glasses smiling wearing suit and tie

My Turn

The Power of Podcasting

Cristóbal Colón, DTM

Woman smiling in green shirt

My Turn

The Unsung Skill of a Toastmaster

Alex Kiester

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My Turn

Why Engineers Should Train in Public Speaking

Sol Rosenbaum

Man with backpack

My Turn

Taking Toastmasters on a Pilgrimage

Alejandro Martinez

Man in blue shirt and tie speaking

My Turn

Toastmasters and Physics

Mervin Bierman, DTM

Two men smiling outside

My Turn

The Most Important Speech

Robert A. Nevarez

Man smiling

My Turn

The Many Sides of Leadership

Michael Chojnacki, DTM

Man sitting outside in grass with two dogs

My Turn

A Club Culture of Inclusivity

Ross Marshall, Ph.D.

Woman speaking on TEDx stage

My Turn

From City to Gritty to the TEDx Stage

Rachel Cronin