My Turn

Man in gray suit with collegiate emblem posing outdoors in front of green plants

My Turn

A Toastmasters Education

Woman in gold dress speaking into microphone

My Turn

Mastering Fluency in a Foreign Language

Marika Dubiel

Woman in black and white suit jacket smiling

My Turn

Reaching My Full Potential

Jane Osemwegie, DTM

Man in purple shirt and glasses posing with blue background

My Turn

How I Leveraged Toastmasters to Become a Manager

Stefan Jenssen, DTM

Man in black jacket outdoors in snow

My Turn

Standing Out in a Crowd of Candidates

Mark Ward, DTM

Woman wearing headphones standing in front of microphone while smiling

My Turn

Vocal Rejuvenation

Sneha Sharma, Ph.D.

Woman in purple shirt

My Turn

Pushing Past the Fear of Public Speaking

Hannah Merschen

Woman smiling outdoors with mountains and trees in background

My Turn

An Outdoor Adventure—Online

Dana Holland

Six people smiling for group selfie

My Turn

Spreading Communication Skills

Karen Chapman

Man in glasses smiling

My Turn

A Corporate Club Reimagined

Roy Slack

Young man smiling and holding DTM plaque

My Turn

On a Mission for Mental Health

Neshan Anantha Rajah, DTM

Man on stage with arms wide open

My Turn

A Song of Brotherhood

Ankur Bora