June 2022 Leader Letter

Club News


Reshape Your Narrative! — Experience the quintessential public-speaking and storytelling event of the year, the 2022 International Convention. Register for the in-person event, to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, or sign up to join the online experience. Visit the convention webpage for more details.

Semifinal and World Championship of Public Speaking — Get ready for the 2022 International Speech Contest semifinals and World Championship of Public Speaking® at the first-ever Toastmasters International hybrid convention. The semifinals and World Championship of Public Speaking will also be held in hybrid formats, with contestants competing on-site and virtually. Each participant will have the option to present onsite from Nashville or online from their home country. This allows all contestants to participant in the contest, regardless of travel restrictions. Register now to cheer on and be inspired by the contestants!

Get Club Recognition — Does your club meet the Qualifying Membership Requirement to earn recognition within the Distinguished Club Program? When reviewing the Distinguished Club Program Dashboards, the member requirement to earn credit is listed in the "Required" box in the upper right of each club's dashboard. Even if your club has five or more goals, it must have the required "To-Date" membership to earn its Distinguished Club Program award.

Grow Your Club — A great way to add new members to your club is by participating in the Beat the Clock Membership-Building Program, which features a unique recognition ribbon and 10% off your next club order. To qualify, your club must add five new, dual, or reinstated members to the club and pay membership dues. Please note: these members must join between May 1 and June 30 to qualify.

2022 Voting Proposals — Have you heard about the proposals for the 2022 Annual Business Meeting in August? The Board of Directors is putting forth 12 proposals this year for consideration by the voting membership. Visit the Proposals page and read through the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the proposed amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International and the Club Constitution.

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Don't Miss Out on Being Distinguished — Every year, clubs miss Distinguished status because they don't understand the qualifying requirement. For your club to become Distinguished, ensure it has either 20 paid members or a net growth of five paid members by June 30. A net growth occurs when the total members at year-end, June 30, exceeds the membership base. View the Distinguished Club Program Manual for more information or contact the Club and Member Support Team at membership@toastmasters.org.

Program Year-End Deadline — More clubs charter in June than at any other time. To avoid delays and ensure program year credit, submit your new club forms early in the month. If you have questions about starting a club, view the How to Build a Toastmasters Club guide or email the New Clubs Team at newclubs@toastmasters.org.

Working on Last-Minute Achievements? — All club submissions for the program year must be received no later than 11:59:59 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) or Coordinated Universal Time -6 (UTC –6) on June 30. Submissions received on or after July 1, 12 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) or Universal Coordinated Time -6 (UTC –6) will be applied to the 2022–2023 Program Year. Additional details, including how to submit documents to World Headquarters, are outlined in the Distinguished Club Program Manual.

Last Call for Convention Sponsors! — Toastmasters International is taking applications now through June 24 for its global showcase opportunity in August. Do you think your company or club corporate sponsor might be an ideal convention prospect? If so, share sponsorship details with company representatives and suggest that convention is an ideal venue for them to gain worldwide exposure to their brand, products, and services. Applications are due June 24.

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Transfer Members and the DCP — As we approach the end of the program year, remember that transfer members do not count towards the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). This information can be found in the Distinguished Club Program Manual,, along with the other DCP requirements.

Meet the Vice President Education —This club officer role is critical for ensuring members get the most from their Toastmasters education journey. Learn the makings of a great VPE and how you will help your fellow members thrive.

Stepping Up to Serve —Members who have never been a club officer may be hesitant to take the plunge to serve your club, especially if they are new to Toastmasters. The reality: club leadership could be a great opportunity for all members, no matter their experience level. Teach your members about the benefits of being a club officer by sharing this resource.

New and Improved Club Success Plan —Get ready for the new Club Success Plan in Club Central, set to be available before the 2023–2024 program year. You will be able to prepare for it in the coming year by utilizing a PDF, available on the site this July. It can be uploaded to Club Central once completed, but to help ease the transition, the version that clubs are currently using will still be available and can also be uploaded to Club Central.

Evaluation Resources —Did you know that all evaluation resources are located on www.toastmasters.org and in Base Camp? Members can find evaluation resources either when launching their project, or in the Tutorials and Resources section on Base Camp in all languages. The English version of these valuable resources can also be found in the Resource Library on our website with just the name of the project—no login required!

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Counting on the Ah-Counter — The Ah-Counter is one of the most valuable roles in a Toastmasters meeting, and clubs around the world have some intriguing ways of taking it beyond scorekeeper. In this article, discover effective strategies for monitoring filler words and sounds and learn how to make the most of this pivotal meeting role.

Rebuild Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem — We all sometimes have self-sabotaging thoughts that erode our confidence—that internal dialogue can mark the difference between success in life and never fully reaching your potential. Read and practice these techniques for creating positive self-esteem.

Direct, Initiating, Supportive, or Analytical? — Understanding your communication style is key to engaging in more effective conversations. It's also a Level 2 project in the Presentation Mastery path. Identify the four styles and use them to your advantage.

Diversity Comes Naturally — People from all walks of life are interested in public speaking and leadership skills, which means Toastmasters is a microcosm of global diversity around the world. Discover why Toastmasters clubs attract members of all ages, races, and professions—then share it with friends and family.

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Thank You, Outgoing Officers! — Congratulations and thank you to club officers for a successful 2021-2022 program year. Your unwavering dedication is an inspiration to other leaders and club members. Toastmasters International recognizes and appreciates your efforts; we hope the challenges you faced and the wins you accomplished have made you a better and stronger leader.

Pay World Headquarters Directly — If you have members in your club who would like to pay their renewal dues to World Headquarters rather than a club officer, they can! For WHQ to accept payment from a member, a club officer first needs to email renewals@toastmasters.org to confirm that the member is in good standing. The member can then call +1 720-439-5050 to provide their payment details.

Get Credit for Your Club Support Role — Looking to get credit for being a club sponsor, mentor, or coach to apply towards your Distinguished Toastmaster Award? For any of these three roles to be applied, they must be listed as “Complete” within your profile on www.toastmasters.org.