Region Advisor Biography

Raj Kumar Bansal, DTM

Raj Kumar Bansal, DTM Member Since: 2001
Home Region: 13
Home District: 121
Supporting Districts: 121, 124, 125, 126

Toastmasters offices held and terms of service (international, region and District level):

  • 2020-2021 Immediate Past District Director (D92)
  • 2019-2020 District Director (D92)
  • 2018-2019 Program Quality Director (D92)
  • 2017-2018 Club Growth Director (D92)

Toastmasters’ honors and recognition:

  • 2019-2020 Smedley Distinguished District Director
  • 2019-2020 President's Extension Award
  • 2018-2019 Excellence in Program Quality Award
  • 2017-2018 Excellence in Club Growth Award

  • What is your understanding of the Region Advisor role and how does your experience relate to the role?

    The Region Advisor is a glue between the District and the World Headquarters. They wear several hats viz an enabler, a facilitator, a trainer, a mentor, a coach, and a guide. Region Advisors support District leaders in achieving the District mission and specifically extends guidance on the District Success Plan, Marketing Plan to enable expand the Toastmasters footprint. Region Advisors also creates a platform wherein District Trio and District Public Relations Manager collaborate with leaders from other Districts towards a healthy exchange of best practices. My experience and performance in all trio roles is my biggest asset. For example, as Club Growth Director, I leveraged the Club Coach Program successfully. The District Marketing Plan helped me in starting several new clubs in unchartered territories. Additionally, my professional experience in coaching leaders, managing conflicts, troubleshooting, and delivering sustained high performance makes me believe that my experience strongly relates to the role.

    What is your experience with coaching individuals and/or teams?

    I have rich coaching experience in a professional and toastmasters club environment. Within Toastmasters, I started a One-Infy platform for Toastmasters club across my organization through which I guided the club officers and members. This forum also helped cross pollinate useful practices between clubs. I have extensively supported Toastmasters in college clubs by helping them stabilize in initial months and liaison with college authorities. Outside Toastmasters, I am certified with "The Art and Science of Coaching” by Erickson Coaching International. I am also a Hogan Certified professional, a global organization specializing in personality assessment and leadership development. In 2021 alone, I have coached senior professionals outside my organization and logged 30+ hours. Within my organization, I have done 200+ counseling sessions with my organization leaders.

    Why are you interested in serving as Region Advisor?

    I firmly believe that opportunities come to those who are prepared. In terms of capability, as a passionate Toastmaster for over 20 years, I have donned several roles at club, area, division, and District level. I have trained leaders on various leadership skills, especially on mentoring and coaching. My in-depth experience shall be useful to mentor and guide District leaders to achieve the District mission. In terms of competence, I have 30 plus years of global industry experience. As a leadership development professional in an organization of 13B revenues, my current role is to train managers, coach emerging leaders, and mentor senior leaders. Finally, in terms of performance, as a Club Growth Director, we chartered 45 new clubs leveraging network with industry and academia. As a Program Quality Director, in the inaugural year of Pathways at D92, our District emerged among top three globally to win the award at the International Convention. As District Director, I led the District through the reformation year, with 300 clubs to manage and above all during the toughest and the most challenging Covid crisis in 2020. We emerged as a proud Smedley Distinguished District! Thus, my capability, competence, and proven track record makes me feel confident and prepared to serve as a Region Advisor.