New Member Orientation

Help new Toastmasters on their journey by reviewing the New Member Orientation PowerPoint with them! This interactive presentation helps new Toastmasters understand club meeting roles, the Pathways learning experience, Toastmasters' leadership opportunities, and more. Best of all—you can customize this presentation to outline your club's expectations.

The New Member Orientation PowerPoint was designed to be used by a club officer or a new member's mentor. Click the button below to download the presentation and get new members in your club off to a strong start!

Photo of Toastmasters members reviewing the New Member Orientation PowerPoint on a laptop

Helpful Resources

How I Would Like to be Introduced

Ensure that you and new members receive a proper introduction. Read more


Service to Members

This form is a representation of each service level in support of the member. Read more


Paths and Core Competencies

Learn about the five core competencies used to develop Pathways. Learn more >


Ice Breaker

View the first project in our education program. Read more >

Quick Links

Pathways Learning Experience

Learn more about Toastmasters’ flexible education program, what learning paths are available for you to choose from, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Toastmasters History

Read about Toastmasters International’s near 100-year history, view an interactive timeline of how the organization has grown, and more.

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Club Meeting Roles

Club meeting roles are an integral part of Toastmasters. View information and find resources that will help you succeed as you fill each of these functional roles.

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