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Below are the criteria necessary for a club to be eligible to have a coach appointed, and for members who wish to coach a club.

Eligible Clubs:

  • Have at least three, but not more than 12, members
  • Have at least one club officer who has completed the Club Coach Program Training module
  • Are not suspended or closed
  • Do not currently have two coaches appointed

Prospective Coaches:

  • Are a paid member in good standing
  • Have not been a member of the eligible club in the past six months
  • Have been a member of Toastmasters International for at least one year
  • Have served as a club officer for one annual term or two semiannual terms
  • Have completed a minimum of Level 2 in a path, or an Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), or an Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
  • Have completed the Club Coach Program Training module

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