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Club Coach Program

What is the program?

The Club Coach Program allows experienced Toastmaster members to assist in rebuilding club membership and restoring club quality. A successful club coach will:

  • Build rapport with club officers and members.
  • Instill enthusiasm, comradery, and structure within the club.
  • Assess the club environment and recommend best practices for success.
  • Work with club officers to develop a Club Success Plan.
  • Motivate the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program (DCP) recognition.

Coaches who help clubs achieve Distinguished status or higher in the Distinguished Club Program will receive credit in the education program and a digital certificate of accomplishment.


Below are the criteria for a club to be eligible to have a coach appointed and for members who wish to coach a club.

Eligible Clubs

  • Have at least three but not more than 12 members.
  • Have at least one club officer who has completed the Club Coach Program Training module.
  • Are not suspended or closed.
  • Do not currently have two coaches appointed.

Prospective Coaches

  • Are a paid member in good standing
  • Have not been a member of the eligible club in the past six months.
  • Have been a member of Toastmasters International for at least one year.
  • Have served as a club officer for one annual term or two semiannual terms.
  • Have completed a minimum of Level 2 in a path, or an Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), or an Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB).
  • Have completed the Club Coach Program Training module.

Steps for Achievement

Below are the steps and milestones that must be met for a successful club coach to earn credit toward the education program.

  • Served at least six months.
  • Did not join the club during their appointment.
  • Submitted and completed the required forms:
    • The Club Coach Preliminary Report within 30 days of appointment.
    • The Club Coach Progress Report every 60 days.
    • The Club Coach Final Report after their appointment has ended.
  • Following the six month term, the coached club achieves Distinguished or better status by the subsequent June 30.
  • To receive credit, the Club President (or officer delegate) of the coached club must notify World Headquarters in writing.
  • To earn an additional education credit toward a District leader role, the coached club must also have 20 or more paid members.

If the coach is unsuccessful, the appointment can be extended up to two additional program years.

If you have any additional questions about the Club Coach Program, please email

Helpful Resources

Club Coach FAQ

Need help? Start by seeing the answers to common questions about the club coach program.

Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide

A guide detailing how to evaluate clubs and take decisive action to improve their standing.

Club Coach Agreement

Fill out this form to appoint one or two club coaches and submit it to World Headquarters.

Club Coach Preliminary Report

A report for club coaches to complete within the first 30 days of their appointment.

Club Coach Progress Report

A report for club coaches to complete within the first 30 days of their appointment.

Club Coach Final Report

A report for club coaches to complete once their appointment has ended.

First Class Club Coach

A comprehensive guide for preparing and presenting an effective training session for club coaches.

Distinguished Club Program

A manual which explains the Distinguished Club Program, provides guidelines for club success, and the "how-to" in becoming a Distinguished Club.

Club Coach 360-Degree Evaluation

This evaluation resource should be used to help club coaches as part of their leadership development process. By allowing club officers and District leaders to complete the evaluation, club coaches will have a better understanding of their perceived strengths and areas for improvement.

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club

A step-by-step guide for a club coach or club officer including possible solutions and tactics in rebuilding a Toastmasters club.

Moments of Truth

Part of The Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club, and recognize and deal with situations critical to club success in English.

Club Leadership Handbook

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc.


The Speechcraft digital experience was created for experienced members to help others become Speechcrafters—essentially the best communicators they can be!

A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats

An essential booklet for fulfilling club meeting roles.

1312 Master Your Meetings

This handbook provides the information you need to conduct dynamic and effective club meetings.

Membership Building

Find helpful information about Toastmasters membership-building programs.

Membership Growth

This manual offers tips for finding new members and convincing them to join your club.

Club Events

Use these resources to help you prepare for your next event.

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