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March 2023 Leader Letter

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Enable Member Self-Pay — An easier way for members to pay! You can now give your members the option to submit their international dues payments online. To enable Self-Pay, log in to Club Central, navigate to the Club Contact and Meeting Information page, select the toggle button in the Self-Pay setting section, and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Convention Goes Bahamas — Save the dates of the 2023 International Convention: August 16-19. Learn, play, and make lasting memories with the beautiful backdrop of Nassau, Bahamas at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort. More details will be unveiled soon; stay excited! In the meantime, learn more about this stunning capital city.

Letter of Invitation for Convention Travel — Need a letter of invitation to join us for the 2023 International Convention in The Bahamas? Request a letter here.

Is Your Club in Good Standing? — To find out, select your club's District from the Daily Reports — October Dues Renewal Status and ensure your club is listed as "Verified Complete." The Club Status Guide will help determine how your club's current status affects different features and areas of various programs. If you notice a discrepancy, contact the Club and Member Support Team at

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Pay Dues by April 1 — If you are not enabling Self-Pay and encouraging members to pay their own dues, submit on behalf of your members by logging in to Club Central and clicking “Membership Management.” Remember, unpaid officers lose access to Club Central 30 days after their membership expires. Completing your club's membership renewal requirements by April 1 will qualify your club to receive on-time submission credit for the appropriate section of Goal 9 in the Distinguished Club Program.

Talk Up Toastmasters Award — The Talk Up Toastmasters program recognizes your club for adding five new, dual, or reinstating members to its roster with a join date between February 1 and March 31. When you do, your club will earn a ribbon to display with the club banner, plus a 10% discount on the next club order from the Toastmasters Online Store! Member applications and payments must be received no later than March 31 to qualify.

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Cultivating Your Future Club Leaders —In the coming weeks, clubs worldwide will begin looking for officers for the 2023–2024 program year. To help prepare your club, think about how you can empower members to step into a leadership role for their own personal development and for the club's continued success. Use the club officer role resources to learn more about each position as you find your club's next leaders.

Newly translated! — The DTM Award Application Form is now available as a free download from the Resource Library in 11 languages.

പുതുതായി തർജ്ജമ ചെയ്ത! — മലയാളത്തിൽ ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യുക.
Newly Translated! — You can now download and use some Pathways projects in Malayalam! Visit the Resource Library for guides on how to access Malayalam projects.

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Club Turnaround Stories — If you need some inspiration for revitalizing your club and growing your membership base, find out how these four clubs went from faltering to flourishing.

Open Houses Open Doors to New Members — Give guests a chance to engage with your club in action! Discover insights from fellow Toastmasters on the key elements of hosting a successful open house.

The Wide World of Hybrid Toastmasters — Providing a good experience for both online and offline participants is easier said than done. However, hybrid meetings are worth pursuing. Get technology tips from fellow Toastmasters and see if going hybrid is right for your club.

Introducing the Yoodli Partnership — Yoodli is an artificial intelligence program designed to serve as a powerful feedback tool. Give it a try and see how Yoodli augments your club experience.

Tune In! Humor Tips From a Clown — Want to add some good-natured fun into your next presentation? In thisToastmasters Podcast episode, Don Colliver, a professional trainer, speaker, and comedian, shares techniques on how to incorporate clown presence into your next speech.

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Check DTM Progress — To see what you have completed toward your Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award, log in to and select the "Welcome" message at the top. From there, click "Club Support Roles" to view a list of your club mentor, sponsor, or coach appointments. "Offices Held" will show your past club and District leadership roles, and "Education Awards" presents a complete list of Toastmasters awards you have earned. To view completion dates for your paths and/or the Distinguished Toastmaster project, log in to Base Camp and select "Paths and Learning." Click the "Active" option just above your paths, then select "Completed" from the drop-down list to navigate to your completed transcript. This will display your completed path items and the dates they were completed.

Missing Names for Educational Achievements? — Have you ever noticed that you may not see a member's name on the Educational Achievements report and instead only see a number? That is the member's ID number, which can appear without a name when a member has requested in privacy settings that their name not appear on public reports.