January 2022 Leader Letter

Set Yourself Up for Growth

Take goal setting to a new, purposeful level in your leadership.

By Renée Covino

It’s 2022, do you know what your leadership goals are? More importantly, did you know that if you align them with your true purpose, you’ll likely be happier and more content with your life? Here are a few tips from experts who advise a new, more joyful-driven way of drafting your new year resolutions:

Compose the list when you’re in a positive frame of mind. It’s not imperative that you draft your goals by the first week in January or by some set date. It’s better to wait until you’re in a state of inspiration and/or excitement. Go back and refine it when you’re inspired again.

Find your ultimate purpose within yourself in the quiet. While outside input from well-intending colleagues, family, and friends can be good feedback, it should not steer you in a direction you didn’t choose for yourself. Also recognize your purpose or aspiration does not have a finish line; it is not a goal, which is specific and finite. Your purpose in life and as a leader is much greater than that and is ever evolving.

Set authentic goals. It is much easier to achieve your goals if they are inherently rewarding, rather than money-driven or based upon others’ expectations. Write your goals down with approach-oriented wording. They should also be centered around an activity, such as a task, meeting a deadline, or creating something tangible. Experts say this can help produce feelings of accomplishment and progress, which will encourage you to keep going in the direction you’ve outlined.

Look back to look ahead. In defining your goals, it is helpful to consider what was the most important issue, question, or priority you were dealing with as a leader a year ago and compare that to the most important issue, question, or priority you are dealing with now. Also think about how you are different today from a year ago and how you define and measure success, then versus now.

Picture yourself a year from now. How are you more fulfilled as a leader? What changes have you initiated that take you closer to your purpose? How are you shaping your team and time so that everyone’s best qualities emerge? Now, start to make it happen!

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