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Communicating Across Cultures: Humor and Body Language

Have fun discovering cultural differences in humor and non-verbal communication. Learn if it is acceptable to start a speech with a joke when addressing non-American audiences. Can you be “culturally neutral" in body language? Get insight into all this and more!

Interview Success Series: Network and Boost Your Confidence

Discover what networking in today’s world means and get tips on how you can boost your confidence to successfully network online and in-person. Find out what you can do with your body language to appear more confident. Hear our panel of experts advise how you can effectively study an organization’s website and refine your online footprint. Where does coronavirus come into your interview questions? Get insight into all this and more!

Day of Celebration Webinar: Honoring Volunteer Leaders

On October 22, 2021, Toastmasters celebrated its 97th anniversary. International President Margaret Page hosted a webinar with a panel of leaders from around the world to share stories of resiliency and honor the organization’s volunteer leaders.

The Humor Workshop—Part II

Find out why laughter is the best medicine and learn how to hone the healing power of humor. Hear the panel explain how to lighten the mood, using improvisational techniques.

The Humor Workshop—Part I

Discover the various humor types, as well as some funny (and not so funny) cultural considerations, and how to sprinkle a little laughter effectively and appropriately into many aspects of your professional and personal life.

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Listen to the important conversation that took place between Toastmasters and the American Psychological Association. Watch a panel of psychologists and global Toastmasters leaders as they discuss how to build resilience in times of uncertainty and recommend ways to address what so many are experiencing—burnout, loneliness, and stress. The panelists will also talk through how to navigate those feelings with evidence-based strategies and tips for finding work/life balance, maintaining mechanisms for camaraderie and community, and how best to practice self-care and gratitude.

Let's Talk Holiday Talk

It's time for a holiday communication prep! For office, community, and family events, let our panel of experts help you through small talk, awkward conversations, toasting, and your inner (or not so inner) introvert. Hear how to overcome the communication obstacles many share in our changed world. Re-energize your speaking and storytelling confidence. This webinar will help you participate with poise at your next group gathering; let's party! To learn more visit

Achieving Club Excellence: A candid conversation about achieving excellence in clubs.

On February 16, 2022, Toastmasters leaders hosted a webinar to discuss what club excellence looks like in our current environment and shared strategies to help your club add and retain members.

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